Security Operations

An assessment is, by definition, a point in time activity. However, neither the application itself, nor the environment it lives in is static. System administrators make network and operating systems changes, security researchers identify new vulnerabilities in application components, automatic updates change the system in subtle ways. Add to this the potential for persistent attacks against the application going unnoticed and the likelihood of application compromise increases over time.

Application Security Monitoring

Protect your organization and users from attacks and vulnerabilities with an automated process of collecting and analyzing indicators of potential security threats, then triaging these threats with appropriate action.

Application Security as a Service

The Application Security as a Service (APPSECaaS) offering combines application security monitoring with continual penetration testing for end-to-end security assurance. Our clients feel confident in their application security posture despite the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Feature Application Security Monitoring Application Security as a Service
Initial vulnerability scan
Yearly application penetration test
Findings discussion with client
Remediation discussions with vendor
Re-test of resultant patch
Security monitoring configuration
Identification of in-scope systems
Monitoring appliance
Full OWASP Top 10 Analysis
Appliance configuration and on-boarding
Customer security portal configuration
Data categorization
Data parsing
Data normalization
Dashboard configuration
Data forwarding (upon request)
Alert forwarding (to customer security team)
24x7 incident validation
Log and SIEM management
Maintenance of data collection systems
Recommendations for patching and security updates
Monthly reporting
24x7 Monitoring
Custom security use-case configuration
Proactive log analysis
Quarterly review by a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
Named cybersecurity team
End-to-end responsibility for application security monitoring
Monthly reporting with optional engineer calls

What makes us Different?

  • Global Capability
    Regional focus: Amber CyberEye is large enough to have operations that span multiple time zones and focused enough to address threats specific to the Caribbean.
  • The Right Tools
    We start with application security specific tools to keep effectiveness high and costs low
  • Developer Resources
    In most cases, we can shorten the time needed to fix security issues because we have application developers on staff
  • Really Effective
    Our specialty is application security. Period. We really understand how to protect your business applications and we do it well.
  • Ad-Hoc and Monthly Reports
    We provide both Ad-Hoc and monthly reports on security status, compliance against several standards (including, as appropriate, GDPR, PCI, etc.)
  • Security Dashboard
    Each customer has their own security dashboard allowing instant access to your security posture & events.
  • Immediate Incident Notification
    Our engineers can notify you immediately if we identify suspicious activity within your application, as well as provide assistance in remediation if desired.
  • Expert Access
    Get you application security questions and issues resolved quickly with our expert staff. Each customer gets a named set of engineers they can call, not just a ticketing system or impersonal generic call center.
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