Application Security Monitoring

  • It is said that ‘Security is a process, not a product’. After a handful of decades managing cyber threats, most companies would agree.
  • Security as a Process requires clearly defined operations. Most companies are not in the business of Cybersecurity - they are in business because they are great at something else like banking, professional services, manufacturing, government. So, organizations like yours are forced to do one of two things:
    • Build - The first option is to build cybersecurity operations. Usually, the first thing a technology team will hear from management is ‘we aren’t in the cybersecurity business, we don’t need anything fancy’. Issues with this approach include:
      • Insufficient funding
      • Scarcity of qualified resources
      • No ‘real’ answer to management’s question of ‘How much security is enough?’ (or worse: “Are we secure?”)
    • Buy - There is always the option of paying someone else to manage Security Operations. Like the previous option, this can be good or bad, but issues include:
      • Am I getting what I am paying for?
      • They claim to be good at everything, is that really true?
      • I’ve not heard anything from (partner’s name) in a while, does that mean I’m safe or that they are asleep?
    • Amber CyberEye’s Security Operations offerings can work with either the ‘Build’ or ‘Buy’ approach.
      • Application Monitoring and Security are different than normal security operations
      • Specific insight into application development methods, technologies and conventions are required to keep your application secure from attackers.
      • Most Security Operations environments, whether in-house or contracted, do not have the specialized staff required to successfully monitor and secure your business-critical Applications.
      • CyberEye offers two ways to address Application Security:

Amber CyberEye represents the marriage between a cybersecurity company and an application development company. Application security is in our DNA. We are uniquely suited to deliver effective application security monitoring. Protecting your business isn’t a point-in-time event. Find out how we can help you operate safely in Cyberspace.

Our solutions will help secure your business

  • Know who is trying to access your sensitive data.
  • Let us help you identify hacking attempts against your critical systems.
  • We provide full integration between your existing Security Operations teams and our monitoring service.
  • We will help categorize logging information so you can identify suspicious activity.
  • Built-in yearly web application vulnerability scan.
  • Named cybersecurity engineers assigned to your account.
  • Clear escalation path for emergency issues.
  • Access to developer resources for coding questions and tasks as needed.

What makes us Different?

  • Global Capability
    Regional focus: Amber CyberEye is large enough to have operations that span multiple time zones and focused enough to address threats specific to the Caribbean.
  • The Right Tools
    We start with application security specific tools to keep effectiveness high and costs low
  • Developer Resources
    In most cases, we can shorten the time needed to fix security issues because we have application developers on staff
  • Really Effective
    Our specialty is application security. Period. We really understand how to protect your business applications and we do it well.
  • Ad-Hoc and Monthly Reports
    We provide both Ad-Hoc and monthly reports on security status, compliance against several standards (including, as appropriate, GDPR, PCI, etc.)
  • Security Dashboard
    Each customer has their own security dashboard allowing instant access to your security posture & events.
  • Immediate Incident Notification
    Our engineers can notify you immediately if we identify suspicious activity within your application, as well as provide assistance in remediation if desired.
  • Expert Access
    Get your application security questions and issues resolved quickly with our expert staff. Each customer gets a named set of engineers they can call, not just a ticketing system or impersonal generic call center.