Application Security Monitoring focuses on watching the application, server, database and infrastructure logs to identify abnormal and suspicious behaviors that might indicate a hacking or compromise attempt. Application Security as a Service includes everything in the Application Security Monitoring tier and ADDs continual application penetration testing. This addition helps provide assurance that as your web application and underlying systems change (due to content updates, patches, system maintenance, etc.) or as new vulnerabilities and techniques are discovered - your application stays ahead of the curve.
S.No Feature Application Security Monitoring Application Security as a Service
1 Initial vulnerability scan
2 Yearly application penetration test
3 Findings discussion with client
4 Remediation discussions with vendor
5 Re-test of resultant patch
6 Security monitoring configuration
7 Identification of in-scope systems
8 Monitoring appliance
9 Full OWASP Top 10 Analysis
10 Appliance configuration and on-boarding
11 Customer security portal configuration
12 Data categorization
13 Data parsing
14 Data normalization
15 Dashboard configuration
16 Data forwarding (upon request)
17 Alert forwarding (to customer security team)
18 Named cybersecurity team
19 24x7 incident validation
20 Log and SIEM management
21 Maintenance of data collection systems
22 Recommendations for patching and security updates
23 Monthly reporting
24 24x7 Monitoring
25 Custom security use-case configuration
26 Proactive log analysis
27 Quarterly review by a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
28 End-to-end responsibility for application security monitoring
29 Monthly reporting with optional engineer calls
Like many things in Information Technology and Security, companies tend to underestimate the number of resources, caliber of expertise and degree of difficulty in doing Security Operations effectively. Companies tend to fixate on ‘Creating good process’ and then staff to the lowest common denominator. The reality is that no one set of processes can effectively cover all of the contingencies and scenarios required to triage Security Operations effectively. Resources, regardless of their cost, are always critical. Whether they are ‘green’ or ‘seasoned’ - there is no room for a mindless drone who merely follows a rote process. High-quality engineers are essential, and an experienced management team is a ‘must have’ in order to be effective.
Our Security Operations Team has a very narrow focus: Application Security. This narrow focus allows us to be more selective and choose security engineers who specialize in this area of security. A narrow focus allows us to specialize in one aspect of security and have fewer internal processes and technologies to master. Our constant interactions with the application development teams at Amber Innovations keep our engineers sharp and on top of the latest development security and coding issues.